New Mexico

(New Mexico, April 27, 2012)

Doug and I are funny travelers because the only photos we take are in our hotel room right before nap time. We have been in New Mexico for a couple of days and people have asked for pictures, so there you go.

For those of you who don’t know, Doug’s has an interview tomorrow at a law firm in ABQ (Albuquerque, I have to abbreviate because who wants to spell out Albuquerque? No one). I think he has a pretty good chance of getting it, but if not we will move on and he will continue to look for jobs elsewhere.

So far, I don’t love ABQ, but I could make it work for a little while if I have to. I will admit that it may be hard to be away from family especially if we get a baby soon. We a took a day trip to Santa Fe today and I absolutely loved it there, I wish he had job opportunities there instead.

Another fear I have about moving is adoption. I called the LDS family services agency in ABQ and it turns out that the only caseworker they have lives in Arizona. She covers both Arizona and New Mexico and flies here once a month to work with clients. It seems that this logistic will delay the already sluggish process. Hmm.

Thanks again for following my blog, it is nice to know I have support during this time.


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