Rest in Peace Rudy: Circa 2004 – August 7, 2012

Last night Doug and I lost a friend. Our friend who was like our kid, Rudy.

We are so thankful for having Rudy as a part of our lives. He came at time in our lives that we needed him most. When we got him we had no idea that we would have troubles having children. He was there throughout out the toughest of tough times as we dealt with infertility. I remember many days not feeling well and Rudy was right there to cuddle with me.

We had no idea that his life would end so soon and are extremely blessed that he was able to make the move to New Mexico with us before it did. Coming here without out him would have been very hard.

He has been such a source of comfort and joy in our lives and we know that we will never be able to replace him.

There are some things that I will definitely not miss about having a dog, but the list of things that I will miss outweigh them. Here are some of them:

  • Hiking up Millcreek Canyon and running around Tanner Park, just the two of us
  • Cuddling when I had a bad day
  • Snapping at kids when he didn’t want to play with them (It never hurt, just startled a few kiddos)
  • Rubbing his nose on my leg while waiting to cross the street because he couldn’t wait to get his muzzle off
  • Doug giving him a kiss and whispering in his ear “I love you”
  • When people always thought he was a puppy even though he only had one eye
  • His ears perking up whenever he heard the pop of a tuna fish can, even all the way in from the other room
  • When he would chase after cats, approach them, and then not know what to do but stare
  • Scratching at my hand to get me to pet him
  • Barking at the doorbell on TV

There are many more things that I will always remember about him.

Just a few pics of our time with Rudy…

ImageDoing what he did best, running away


ImageWinter hair

ImageAwe, stop being so cute!

ImageHome hair-cut

ImagePlaying with, but not snapping at, the girls


ImageHarassing the Human


ImageHangin’ out with Lloyd (Mark’s pup) at City Creek Canyon

ImageThis cute dog followed us home one day. I wish we never found the owners because Rudy loved him. I think they were best friends in another life.

ImageRudy’s other two favorite people besides me and Doug

ImageI love dogs and babies together, one of the few things that makes me tear up.

Thanks for reading, even if I over did it with my love for Rudy.


6 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Rudy: Circa 2004 – August 7, 2012

  1. I’m sorry for your sad news….we loved Rudy too! My favorite memory of him is catching all the mice in his teeth in our backyard and my kids being bummed when he wasn’t with the two of you. We are sorry for your loss and happy for the time and companionship you and Doug had with him. Love you!

  2. My favorite thing about Rudy was how much you two loved him. You guys took such good care of him, I could tell he loved you. He will be missed. Thanks for the picture montage, he was such a sweetie.

  3. Jenica! I’m sorry to hear about Rudy….that is sad. Ruby will be sad too when I tell her in the morning. She liked how their names sound the same 🙂 Hope you are doing well.

  4. We will definitely miss his little timid personality. I remember the night you got him and you guys came to skinworks to show me! I never thought you guys would have him to the end. I love that he was scared of my bully child when he took over his cage and the look on Averys face when Rudy came within 10 ft. of her even though he was the sweetest dog ever! Oh and whenever anyone was sitting down he would always come lay on his back by you so he could get a tummy rub!! Love you guys!

  5. Thanks for making me cry again. We will miss him too, it just wasn’t the same when you would come over without him. Love you guys!

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