Stay-at-home mom

If it were socially acceptable I would quit my job and become a stay-at-home mom to Lucy (my dog). I would spend my time teaching her commands in German, how to count and read. I would also train her in agility and behavior, and possible how to sniff out….I don’t know, drugs? cell phones? She would totally be the best dog on the block. Obviously, this would be me compensating for not having a kid to teach German, counting, and reading to.

I do hope that when we get a baby I will be able to stay at home with her/him. Especially in the first years. At the same time that I want to stay home, I sometimes think that I should work still, maybe even just a little bit. Lately, I have my days when I cannot wait to quit my job for good to be a mom. But there are other times when I fear that if I stop working, I will forgot all my skills that I will need when I do go back into the workforce. I am sure my expectations will change once the baby is here. I am curious how my friends feel about this.


One thought on “Stay-at-home mom

  1. If you have the ability to stay at home, TOTALLY do it! I’ve had soooo much fun staying home, I’m so happy my dad is allowing it (so I can finish school really).
    I don’t think you’ll necessarily lose any skills, you may just get a little rusty… idk though there. Is there random silly things you could do at home to keep your skills sharp?? I’m lucky enough that for my degree I can just make random silly programs and that would help keep me sharp 🙂 You can pretend to be a nurse to your baby! hehehe teach him/her all sorts of fun medical things!

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