“Special Needs”

A few of my friends have posted this video on Facebook. In case you don’t watch it, it is about a couple who has several adopted kids with special needs, mostly physical disabilities. They adopted them all at different ages and each under very different circumstances.

Part of the adoption paperwork requires you to decide which, if any, special needs your are willing to accept that a child may have. After completing that and watching this video, I have wondered about what I am not willing or willing to accept. Sometimes I feel selfish for wanting a healthy newborn after I see this woman (and others like her) devote her entire lives to service to her children. Even during those times when I feel selfish, I find solace in the fact that there is a child destined to be in our family. Special needs or not, I know that our baby is out there and we will find our way to her. Cheesy, I know. I truly believe this.


One thought on ““Special Needs”

  1. Just like Briana who is expecting her baby in June, so are you guys, you just don’t know the due date yet…………..

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