It’s About Love…adoption profile is up!

It’s About Love…adoption profile is up!

We are officially in the “waiting phase” of adoption. Doug and I started our adoption process in October 2011 which is when we attended our first adoption orientation. It took us 21 months to finish our paperwork and homestudy, but we (finally) did it!

Our profile has only been up for 1 month and I don’t know how much longer I will be able to wait. Waiting is HARD! I check my LDS Family Services profile stats about 7 times a day to see if anyone new has checked our profile. And guess what? the numbers stay the same. Except for the expected daily statistical increase by 1, which I am almost positive that it is my mom making that increase. Thanks mom.

On a lighter note, I have been trying to keep myself busy while waiting. I was just called to teach early morning seminary to the seniors in my ward, so because I have never read the BOM cover-to-cover I am reading it now. In addition to that, I am watching A LOT of Gossip Girl, too much actually. In between my busy schedule of watching GG and reading, I find time to run. I am getting ready to run the Duke City 1/2 Marathon in October, unless of course GG doesn’t leave me enough time to train. All these activities are fine, but not enough to keep my mind off of our adoption. Any other ideas?


2 thoughts on “It’s About Love…adoption profile is up!

  1. Ugh I would be the same way! I think I’m obsessed with you getting a baby too, I think about it a lot. EVERY prayer we pray that a baby will come to your family soon! We love you and miss you!

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