Adoption…from another era.

Adoption hits close to home to Doug and I, obviously. Yes, we are trying to adopt, but before us there were others. Doug has an older sister who was adopted at birth (I hope she is ok with me sharing this). His parents have been open about the fact that she is adopted and I believe she has known from an early age. I am so thankful that I have an example of adoption this close, not only do I feel closer to his parents because of it, but I feel closer to his sister too.

Today I called Doug’s dad to thank him for the birthday money he sent me. Our conversation turned toward adoption, as most of my conversations typically do. I asked him a few details of when they adopted Doug’s sister. I will share a little of what I got.

Denny and Judy (D&J just like us) had been married for 8 years before they had any kids. They were unable to have kids of their own and eventually decided to adopt. Denny says that they waited around two and a half years from the time that they started the adoption process to when they finally were able to welcome their baby girl into their home. I hope I don’t have to wait that long. They only had 2 weeks notice before she came home, when they got the call she was about 4 weeks old, and then she finally came home when she was 6 weeks old.

The sweetest part of the conversation was when they he told me about getting her nursery ready. They had prepared a gender-neutral nursery for her. A friend made them a lamp with her name on it. Someone donated a crib. And Denny worked many hours straight until he got all the wall-paper up. I can imagine the emotions they were feeling when they put together this nursery, hope for a baby and fear for the unknown of if and when.

As I write this I realize I have so many more questions for them about their adoption, check back for part two.


2 thoughts on “Adoption…from another era.

  1. I am totally happy to have you share about when mom and dad adopted me. I am so lucky to have been adopted into the family that I am in. I love everyone so much! I really hope that you and Doug can have the joy of welcoming your baby into your family soon! I know that you both are going to be amazing parents.

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