4 months in review

Why only 4 months and not “A year in review”? Simply because I got a new phone 4months ago that actually takes decent pictures, so any pictures prior to 4 months ago are practically useless.


Doug discovered “The Poncho” (NM’s best kept secret) in 2012. I wasn’t  a believer of the poncho until he shrunk his first one, which consequently fits me. All I had to do was slip on the soft warm woven brown cotton, labeled “Hecho en Mexico”, and I too became a believer (but it took me a year!). Often we fight over who “put it on first” before we leave the house. On this day at Bosque del Apache, it turns out we put it on the exact same time before we left, so it’s only fair if we both get to wear the poncho. I am pretty sure we match on bottom too (which is a frequent occurrence at our house).


UTAH FREAKIN’ JAZZ!!! Living in NM keeps us away from our beloved Utah Jazz Basketball players. It really is the one thing (along with our Co-ed softball team) that would bring us back to Utah. Sorry mom. When we went to visit Utah at Thanksgiving we, of course, had to say “hi”.


Another reason for the “4 month review” is because 4 months ago is when we moved out of our dark depressing apartment and quickly cured our SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which is easily brought on by living in dark places, i.e. our dark depressing apartment. We now live in a swanky house on the benches of the Sandias enjoying natural light all day, everyday. Way better cure than the lightboxes you buy at Costco. Ha!


The natural light is totally doing me favors for my instagramming. Doesn’t he look great?! I came home the other day to find a hairLESS husband, who previously was hairFULL. Takes 20 years off. Typically I don’t get sappy (is that the right word? Sappy?) but I am so proud of this guy! After a lot of work he is a full blown attorney who has represented the state in hundreds of court cases (most only do a few in a life time). Because of his ample litigation experience he has been offered a new job! Hard work pays off! This guy never stops.


In the last four months we have had a lot of ups and downs with adoption, as well as my health. So I have really had to dig deep for strength. After my most recent surgery I decided I needed a change, so I started running again. Getting out on the sandy trails of the Sandia foothills has been life-changing for me. My physical strength is coming back and by default I am able to clear my head and be PRESENT. Being PRESENT is MY biggest challenge of waiting for a placement. If I could run all day, I would.


Can I just say that I LOVE New Mexico during Christmas? We will never go back to Utah for Christmas, they have nothing on New Mexico. I now demand that our family comes to us. We did everything from a Luminaria Walk, to making Tamales and Biscochitos. Next year we want to fully embrace a Spanish Christmas and attend midnight mass at the famous Catedral de St. Francis, and then soak in the mineral pools at Ojo Caliente.


Doug’s parents came to visit us during the Balloon Fiesta. Doug’s dad used to pilot his own hot-air balloon so coming to this fiesta was a must for them. I love this picture so much because I just love these two comedians.


We also had a visit from these chumps! My sister and her husband and the their 25 kids (I mean ONLY their 5 kids) came and stayed with us in our 2 bedroom house. We had a blast because of our constant gluttony, eating and doing WHATEVER we wanted!


I can’t review my life without including this girl. Lucy, or sometimes “Lucifer” depending on the day, has been a hard but fun dog. She has also found peace as she joins me on my runs, especially the peaceful coma she enters after a run, it is literally the only two hours a day she isn’t barking, or chewing and eating something that doesn’t agree with her digestives. Just in the last 4 months alone she has eaten one of my leather Sorel’s, a strand of backyard lights, countless dryer sheets, rat poison, branches, her own poo, yarn, carpet, and GUESS WHAT?! She is still alive, but by the smell of her flatulence you would think otherwise. We still love her.


3 thoughts on “4 months in review

  1. I’m so glad that you’ve been keeping up the blog. I look forward to your posts. And if I’m honest, I can say that you’re pics of New Mexico have made me want to move there. What a BEAUTIFUL place! I also loved your comment on working on being present. This is something that I am continually striving to master. 🙂

  2. I miss you sooo much! I’m so thankful for this update! I wish we could go on runs together, I have been lazy lately with running, the cold is killing me!

  3. I love reading your posts! You guys are the best and your narrations of your lives always make me laugh. I miss you guys!

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