My most ridiculous list of things to do before baby comes

I’ve been searching “Things to do to get ready for baby” on Pinterest. All the lists are so obvious and kinda annoying. They usually entail items like “decorate your nursery” and “stock up on diapers” and are written by woman who actually did that stuff. While I would love to drop a couple grand on a nursery and stock up on diapers (not really, talk about the most boring way to spend your money; I’d rather drop an extra $50 a month on a cute outfit or some sweet baby gadget than diapers. Also, the ironic part is, I have like seven boxes of disposables and an entire set of Bum Genius diapers in my baby closet). I thought I would devise a list of what I really want to do before our baby comes. I wrote a previous list of similar topic, but this one is more inclusive now that we have a baby that is ACTUALLY coming. I will also share a simple disclaimer, some things on my list are SO ridiculous and you will probably think I am totally crazy.

  1. Enjoy a full nights rest with uninterrupted sleep. Already this usually only happens once a week and typically requires me to pop a melatonin, kava kava, or let’s be real, Benadryl. I don’t want to go into motherhood with an already accrued sleep debt. With that being said, I will take as many naps that will fit into the day, go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 9am, and make sure I limit fluids an hour before bedtime.
  2. Go to the movies. We went to 2 last week. In both movies there were babies there! Who takes a baby to a movie? Seriously people. Even though I want to pretend that I am going to be one of those parents who “take their babies everywhere”, I don’t want to be that person. I don’t even care if there isn’t anything good playing, I will still go because I know this will be something I will miss as a new mom (but I will take being a mom over going to the movies any day).
  3. Get really fit. My favorite thing to do lately is to tell people who don’t know I’m adopting that I am expecting a baby girl in December. Amongst the various responses I get, my favorite is “you look so great for being 5 months pregnant”.  I told you I’m a little crazy. I think it would be way awesome to get really fit, like “Insanity” fit and when people see me with a newborn they will be like “You look so great for just having a baby.” The honest truth, I would rather enjoy uninterrupted sleep and movies than get “Insanity” fit. I just don’t have the discipline people.
  4. Load up on junk food and make a lot of “treat runs”. This is one of mine and Doug’s favorite past-times. I know I am going to be a crazy mom who doesn’t let her kids drink soda or eat candy. In fact, when she reads this blog post in 12 years, she is going to feel so betrayed to find out that “once upon a time” her parents weren’t healthy.
  5. Have a lot of you-know-what with you-know-who. Look, someones gotta say it. I hope I don’t need to explain why.
  6. Journal. I’m not a big journalist, but I like to blog and Instagram.  I have been using these things as a way to document this time. I think there is probably more value in writing it down to pass along something tangible to our baby girl.
  7. Enjoy my lonely morning runs. For you mamas out there, will I still be able to do this when the baby comes?
  8. Research and buy the best baby gear. I’ve had a lot of people tell me to not buy ANYTHING because people will give me stuff, but if I don’t, I won’t have ANYTHING when the baby comes. I should be a little prepared, right? And I don’t plan on having a baby shower, so the whole “people will give you stuff” is out of the equation. And, do you really get things you need at a shower? or is it just non-essential fun stuff? Also, I refuse to buy baby clothes because I am pretty obsessed with baby gear.
  9. Read a baby book? My first degree was in Human Development with an emphasis on early childhood development and do I remember anything from it? Not really. Any moms have any recommendations for a first time mom?
  10. Tie up any loose ends. For me, this entails: getting my DSLR fixed, Doug needs a Pertussis vaccine, clean my carpets, buy a crib, talk to my work about my leave, and find a pediatrician.

One thought on “My most ridiculous list of things to do before baby comes

  1. All great things for a to do list! So no shower huh? Bummer. You’ll still do the treat runs, after she goes to bed. If my kids only knew what candy and soda we consumed while they were in bed, ha! As far as running goes, if you get a good jogging stroller, you will definitely still be doing you runs, they might just be on a more flat trail. I am currently jogging (honestly its mostly walking at this point) 3 times a week and I try to do something else active at least 2 other days. You need it. You need it for your sanity, its good to get out of the house (most days it is the only place i “go”), and your babe will enjoy it. It is getting heavy pushing 60+ pounds, but we all benefit, and if my kids are good, they get to go to the park at the end. Sorry longest comment ever!

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