What NOT to do when waiting for a baby

I think I may be making waiting for a baby harder on myself than it needs to be. Things that I do that I should stop doing:

  • Every time I go into Target or Old Navy I go straight to the baby stuff.
  • In our spare bedroom, I have a corner of baby stuff that I look at and get excited to use…a stroller, car seat, clothes, toys, and blankets. 
  • I tell people that it is hard and I am sick of waiting, rather than telling them that I am excited and hopeful.
  • I check my adoption profile often (when I say often, I mean about 5+ times a day).
  • When I am at work (I am a school nurse at an elementary where it is 95% hispanic and the dark skinned bi-lingual kids are adorable), I imagine and hope that my kids will be as cute as my students.
  • I only hang out with friends who have kids (I love all my friends who have kids, but a friend without kids might change the conversation a bit).
  • I live my life in terms of “We can/can’t do that because we might have a baby then”.

So, I am going to try really hard to do the opposite of what I have been doing to see if I become less obsessed with adoption and more obsessed with living my life.