11 days

Our baby girl is due in 11 days. You heard me, 11 days! It is surreal that our lengthy struggle will come to an end in a matter of days. Even though we only have 11 days left, these last few weeks are proving to be the hardest stretch of our wait. Mainly because the harsh reality of adoption (that the birth parents might change their mind) can also happen in just a matter of days. So what am I doing to stay sane? or not sane, some of these things are actually making me a little crazier than usual.

– I always make sure my brows are plucked and hair is straightened, you know in case we have a late night call to the hospital. I need to look good for the pictures. I am sure pregnant woman do this too.

– I turn my phone off several times a day for an hour at a time. Pretty risky, yeah?

– I write out sappy texts to my birth parents about how much I love them and then delete them before I have a chance to send them. I have great self-restraint.

– I knit. Surprise surprise.

– I’m getting into minimalism and reading Zen Habits daily. Check it out. I mean I’ve already parted with books and softball jerseys that I’ve carted around in the last 4 moves. It’s been pretty liberating. Tomorrow I go through the medicine cabinet.

Peace out.



Doug and I are constantly saying that we really need to relish this time together before the baby comes. We have done a lot of things in the last seven years that we wouldn’t have been able to do if we had kids, but I wouldn’t say we “relished it”. So, with that said, here is our Before-Baby-Bucketlist (in no particular order):

1. Go on a trip. Not just a trip to Utah to visit our family, but a trip that we won’t be able to take after baby. After brainstorming a few places, I came up with New Orleans. Doesn’t a trip eating local cuisine and cruising on bikes sound awesome?

2. Run a race. We could probably train for a race with a baby, but the sleep deprivation might interfere. In September we will be running the Big Cottonwood Canyon Half Marathon in honor of a dear friend who recently died from cancer.

3. Eat out a lot. Let’s face it, I will probably do this even when I do have a kid.

I thought my bucket list would be WAY longer…I guess this means I’m ready to have a baby?


Stay-at-home mom

If it were socially acceptable I would quit my job and become a stay-at-home mom to Lucy (my dog). I would spend my time teaching her commands in German, how to count and read. I would also train her in agility and behavior, and possible how to sniff out….I don’t know, drugs? cell phones? She would totally be the best dog on the block. Obviously, this would be me compensating for not having a kid to teach German, counting, and reading to.

I do hope that when we get a baby I will be able to stay at home with her/him. Especially in the first years. At the same time that I want to stay home, I sometimes think that I should work still, maybe even just a little bit. Lately, I have my days when I cannot wait to quit my job for good to be a mom. But there are other times when I fear that if I stop working, I will forgot all my skills that I will need when I do go back into the workforce. I am sure my expectations will change once the baby is here. I am curious how my friends feel about this.