Early mornings are not my thing…

…but do you know what is my thing? My thing is sleeping in. And always has been. I love to sleep in and this is why I love weekends and the reason I love my job (there are many other reasons I love my job too).

When I was a kid I would fake sick just so I could sleep in. I would then slowly wake up around 10am, take a shower, then tell my mom I felt better and wanted to go to school. That’s a lie, I would tell her I feel better and then usually stay home the rest of the day.

There was this one time when I slept in. I was in high school. My mom came down to my basement bedroom to wake me up for nine o’clock church. Before I go on any further, it is important for you to know that I have the most efficient use of time in the mornings and can be showered and ready to go in less than ten minutes. I had this efficiency down in high school and have only made minor changes to refine it to the perfect system it is now to get the most amount of sleep possible before my work day. Anyway, while I was hitting the snooze button and ignoring my mom, I was calculating in my head the amount of minutes I would need to make it to church on time with my family by asking myself simple questions, “do I need to shower? wash my hair? shave my legs?” I don’t think my parents quite understood my system yet, beause the next thing I knew as I was calculating time I was in a bed full of ice water. Yep, they did it. They poured a 3 gallon bucket FULL of ice water over my entire bed. Clearly they didn’t think this through. Before the water bath, I only needed 7 minutes to get ready. After the water bath, at least an hour. Now I would have to do my hair, and clean up all the water in my bed. Safe to say I didn’t make it to church on time. Joke’s on the them.

There is a reason for my story. I have been called to teach EARLY. MORNING. SEMINARY. Do you understand what time this starts? Every morning? 6am. Oh and next year I don’t have to be to work until 9. So what was going to be an awesome year of sleeping in until 8:30 is now gone. I guess I still have Saturday.

With all that being said, I am pretty excited to teach. I love teaching and I love kids and teens. I have had many experiences working with youth, when I worked at a psych hospital on the adolescent unit, and now as I work as a school nurse.

Over the next couple weeks until seminary actually starts, I will have to think of ways to get me up. I heard about an alarm clock that actually shreds your money if you don’t wake up.