11 days

Our baby girl is due in 11 days. You heard me, 11 days! It is surreal that our lengthy struggle will come to an end in a matter of days. Even though we only have 11 days left, these last few weeks are proving to be the hardest stretch of our wait. Mainly because the harsh reality of adoption (that the birth parents might change their mind) can also happen in just a matter of days. So what am I doing to stay sane? or not sane, some of these things are actually making me a little crazier than usual.

– I always make sure my brows are plucked and hair is straightened, you know in case we have a late night call to the hospital. I need to look good for the pictures. I am sure pregnant woman do this too.

– I turn my phone off several times a day for an hour at a time. Pretty risky, yeah?

– I write out sappy texts to my birth parents about how much I love them and then delete them before I have a chance to send them. I have great self-restraint.

– I knit. Surprise surprise.

– I’m getting into minimalism and reading Zen Habits daily. Check it out. I mean I’ve already parted with books and softball jerseys that I’ve carted around in the last 4 moves. It’s been pretty liberating. Tomorrow I go through the medicine cabinet.

Peace out.


“The Call”

The biggest source of stress for me as I wait to adopt is my CELL PHONE. Is it charged? Do I have service? Is my voicemail box roomy? Is it on vibrate and in my pocket at work? Are my calls coming through? Do I need to do a test call again? And, if that’s not enough, I imagine various dramatic scenarios of when I finally get “the call” (as called in the adoption world when your caseworker calls you to tell you about your baby for the first time) on my cell phone from our caseworker.

No. 1, I am at work preparing a med in the small med room when my phone vibrates and I see Colleen’s name (our caseworker) on the screen, of course I answer and she tells me that my baby is being born as we speak in the very same hospital I am currently working in.

No. 2, I am on vacation in some tropical location (I dunno, Hawaii?) when I get the call that my baby has already been born, meaning I will have to catch the next flight out of there.

No. 3, My phone is dead or on silent. I miss the call. Colleen has to call Doug, he misses the call. Colleen decides to call another adoptive couple because we were too hard to get a hold of.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) when we finally got our call it didn’t fit any of those scenarios, BUT I will say it was just as dramatic!

Stay tuned so you can hear about “our call”!